Get Unstuck and Start Living Your Calling

Now is the time to stop living someone else's life and start living YOURS!


Do you sometimes wish you just had a blueprint for how to do what you're called to do?


You're not alone! I talk to so many people who want to do something meaningful, something that will leave an impact in the world. They want to start businesses and ministries. They want to honor what God put on their heart. They want to do work they will enjoy and are wired to do. But they don't know how to get there. They wonder, is it even possible to make a living doing what you love? 


I totally understand! I've been there.


Years ago, when I was struggling to find my own way, I'd say to people, if I wanted to be an architect, I'd know what to do! Doesn't mean it'd be easy. But at least I'd know what to do!


But my calling didn't have a clear path. And the hours and hours I spent poring over the job listings were useless! Nothing felt like ME. What God had called me to do, you couldn't just go to school for. I had to find my own way. It was super scary! I wanted to do what God had created me for, but what if I got it wrong? I didn't want to mess up my life. I wished I had someone to help guide me.


Does this sound like you?


The good news is I did find my way…


I gained clarity in my calling. I started living it out. I even started making money doing what I loved! My favorite part? In the process, I discovered how to help other people live their calling too! 


For the past 25 years, I've been coaching people in how to do this in a variety of capacities. And through that process I learned one important truth…


You don't have to become a ‘starving artist' to succeed at your calling. You can start right where you are and turn it into a way of life. And you can THRIVE!



A few examples of people I've helped:

‘I was pursuing jobs that had nothing to do with my calling, but then Katherine helped me find what God called me to and now I'm chasing it at full speed.' – Channon Bailey, Making Family Count


‘Before I met Katherine, I was unable to move forward with my calling and losing focus of who I am because I allowed fear to paralyze me. But then she helped me do the hard things by confronting the fear. She spoke God's truth over me. She became my cheerleader while teaching me practical steps to approach each situation, and now I'm confident in what I'm doing and who I am.' – Sarah Rivera


‘Katherine encouraged me to continue to dream, asked great questions to help remind me of who I am and what I'm capable of, and pointed me toward several resources to help me grow personally and in my career. She is a compassionate encourager who helps others dream and take steps toward those dreams.' Mike Henry


‘Before working with Katherine, I was very unfocused and confused, not knowing what to do with my desire to speak or write. She helped me get focused, make the first step in speaking, and now I'm getting a book published and speaking at a women's conference to a crowd of 300 in a couple of months'. – Dietrich Schaefer, From Grieving to Thriving



Yes, I know it's scary going after your passions. But I can tell you from experience, it's possible and it's totally worth it! 


Let me help you get started…


What Does This Look Like?

You can INSTANTLY download my six-week course, where I take you step-by-step from idea to actually living out the calling God put in your heart, and doing it in a way that is true to YOU! 


I'll walk beside you and help activate your calling. 


I'll combine practical skills and spiritual foundations to make sure you're set up for success. You don't have to believe in God to do the course, but if you can't help but bring God into your calling, you'll love this!


What will you get?

☑ Build confidence and clarity in your calling so that you can go out and do what God's called you to do.

☑ Find the time, money and energy you need to move forward while still honoring your family and current commitments.

☑ Overcome self-doubt, unbelief and fear so that you can be the person God made you to be.

☑ Take set-backs and discouragement and turn it to your advantage.

☑ Set realistic goals and priorities and create a plan in alignment with God's plan for you.

☑ Most importantly, take the first steps into what God's called you to do! 



☑ Find Your Calling workbook and course  ($77 value)

☑ Supernatural Provision (mp3 training)  ($17 value)



During the six-week video course,  I'll take you through my Six Stages of Launching Your Calling:


Stage One: Dream Big 

-Why you have the freedom to dream as big as you can

-The number one reason you can move forward in confidence

-The difference between mission and vision and how to clarify them

-What does it really mean to ‘Start with Why'


Stage Two: Start Small 

-Hear God's voice & know His will for your life

-How to choose where to focus first and why this is so important

-Get started in a way natural to you

-Create priorities and goals that work for you


Stage Three: Gather Resources 

-Why the best place to start is the easiest one

-How to make sure what you do is sustainable and you don't burn out

-Creative ways to find the time, energy and help you need

-How to tap into supernatural provision for everything you do


Stage Four: Make a Plan 

-Create a schedule and plan that suits YOU

-How to set boundaries and balance work, rest and family in a Godly way

-How to plan for big things

-What to do about friends & family who don't get what you're doing


Stage 5: Make it Happen 

-Take your first steps with the least amount of risk

-How to partner with God as you move forward in your calling

-What to do if it doesn't work out like you'd hoped

-How to take obstacles & turn them into stepping stones


Stage 6: Get Out There 

-How to use the power of Facebook to make an impact and get your message out

-Why the market is not too saturated for what you want to do

-Understanding why it's okay to charge (and why you really should!)

-How God has already set you up for success


Are you ready to finally start that dream you've been talking about for years? Are you ready to let me walk you step-by-step as you get started?


Download now and get started on your dreams!



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