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Katherine is a Kolbe Certified™ consultant with 25 years experience coaching, speaking and training. With a background in Drama and a Masters' Degree in Creative Writing, she brings a creative dynamic to the stage. More than inspiration. It's a transformative experience…



⭐ Discover your purpose in ten minutes or less

⭐ How to get the things you want in life with what you ALREADY have 

⭐ Get sh*t done YOUR way! : How to work in your life and your career in the way most natural to YOU

 How to take your idea and turn it into a reality: The Seven Stages to Launching Your Dreams

⭐ You are not a problem to be fixed: You are perfect just the way you are!

⭐ Take back your time, your energy and your life

⭐ How to go BIG with your dreams and what you REALLY want to do







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