Finding Your Calling Doesn't Have to be Hard!



3 Surprising Ways to Find Your Calling While You're Living Your Everyday Life


Call me crazy, but I believe your calling is looking you in the mirror every morning! It's deep in your DNA.


I was talking to a lady who'd just been let go from her job of 25 years.


She said sort of off-hand, ‘I don't even know what to do!' I really felt for her, so I asked her more about that. Here's how our conversation went…


You have this amazing opportunity,' I told her, ‘to finally do what you've always wanted to do.'


She nodded.


‘Let me ask you this, if you didn't have to worry about paying the bills, what would you do with your days?'


She hesitated at first, but after I talked to her a bit more, she finally admitted, ‘I've always wanted to help families with special needs kids.'


She got a bit teary as she talked about her passion. ‘Is it a valid dream though?' she asked me.


‘Absolutely,' I said. ‘In fact, it's amazing!'


Within fifteen minutes, she tapped into her calling and was on her way.


Unfortunately, the experts out there say it can take YEARS to find your calling. I beg to differ. You've been living it since you were little. And I have worked with people and watched people repeatedly find it. It's so easy. It was like looking for a treasure that God had already given them the key to. 


Aren't you sick and tired of living out someone else's dream because there's something burning in your belly that you know has to be released?


Let's do this together. Finding your calling doesn't have to be hard!


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