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We stand with the BIPOC Community

(Black, Indigenous and People of Color)


We believe racial injustice isn’t a political issue. It’s a human rights issue. This isn’t about political correctness. This is about valuing human beings. 

People of all colors are more than welcome here. They are valued. They are celebrated.

Black Lives Matter. Period. We will say it and proclaim it. It’s not ‘all lives matter.’ Of course all lives matter. But we are highlighting a community that is hurting. Black people are hurting. When we say Black lives matter, we aren’t saying ONLY Black lives matter. We’re saying Black lives matter too. And they need our help right now. 

We stand with the BIPOC members of our community. So there is no confusion, any racist language or actions will not be tolerated. 

We won’t be silent. We realize white supremacy and white privilege is ingrained in our culture and our systems. We vow to speak out against systemic racism and be part of the solution.

We will work to be anti-racist. We believe it’s not good enough to just be not racist1. We are committed to being an anti-racist community and we will do everything we can to help fight racism in our culture, systems and community.

We want to invest our money where our values are. We believe where you spend your money and time says a lot about your values. So we are working towards investing at least 30% of our resources and time into the BIPOC community. Not just donating to worthy causes2. Also looking at where we spend our money AND what voices we see and listen to in our Community and in our personal lives. Looking at things like:

  • Books, resources & training we buy
  • Contractors we hire
  • Who we follow on social media
  • What podcasts we listen to
  • What news anchors we watch
  • Voting for politicians and propositions that are explicitly anti-racist
  • And much more…

For our members of the BIPOC community, if we ever do anything that makes you feel unheard, unseen or under-valued, we want you to know you have a voice. We encourage you to speak out. You can email your concerns at any time here. We don’t know what it’s like to live in your world and your skin. We promise to put down our defenses and our pre-conceived ideas and listen.

We vow to do better and be better as an actively anti-racist community. We will do everything we can to support our BIPOC family.

Katherine x

Founder, CreativeWorldChangers

PS. We decided it was better to take imperfect action than not take any action at all. This document is ever-evolving as we continue to listen, learn and grow in our understanding of how we can value, support and make space for our BIPOC family. We are always open to your voice being heard.


1You can read more about why we think it’s not enough to be ‘not racist’ and what you can do to join us here.

2We are working on a list of places you can donate to support valuable work being done to support the BIPOC community. For now, one of our favorites is Boris L Henderson Foundation, a 501c3 that is offering free virtual therapy sessions to the Black community. You can text NOSTIGMA to 707070.