August 2022

NOTE: This is our last month before we wrap things up for this season (ends Sept 2). Time to check in, connect as a community and get any coaching help you need.
And the group is always here, if you have questions or need anything during the month.
Here’s to an amazing month together!! 💙


August 16, 2022

‘I’m glad for where you are now and glad for where you have been.’ Great call today! Thanks so much everyone!

We talked about:

  • When something in your business drains you
  • When you don’t have money to move forward.
  • How the freeze response may be affecting your business.
  • Question to ask yourself when figuring out how to share in your story about people who hurt you
  • Which of these two ways of doing things works best for you?
  • How to layout your book content

August 2022 COMMUNITY LIVE #2

August 30, 2022

Coming soon…

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