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How to Get the Things You Want in Life with What You Already Have!

(Believe it or not… you have waaay more than you think you do!)

You need thousands of dollars before you can launch your dream, right? Well, maybe not!

Yes, you do need money to make your dream happen. BUT… what I’ve found when working with hundreds of clients, is you often don’t need anywhere near what you think you do. Whether you want to start a freelance business, open a bakery, become an artist, launch a ministry, whatever your amazing dream is, I promise you can get started much sooner than you think you can. There are loads of people who teach you how to scrounge together a bit of extra money and maybe get started eventually, but what I want to show you is how you can get started TODAY with what you already have.

I totally get what it’s like to not have much of anything. I was the girl who figured out how to make an amazing dinner for two with the only five ingredients we had in the fridge. I was the girl who figured out how to do what people said was ‘the best wedding they’d ever been to’ – including all our decorations, wedding attire, feeding 200 people at our wedding reception, and honeymoon – with only $2000… in a culture where a ‘budget wedding’ was $20,000. I don’t believe in just surviving in poverty, but if I can do anything, it’s show you how you can best use what you have and how you can get started NOW.

And no… it doesn’t matter how much money you have your bank account. You don’t have to keep waiting, hoping you can somehow save enough and then maybe ‘someday’ you’ll hit the lottery and can get finally started on your dreams and calling. You also don’t have to go into debt, and then spend years and years trying to desperately pay it off. You can start TODAY debt-free!

All it takes is a bit of creativity and some tips and tricks for how you can use what you already have in your hands. Believe it or not you have way more than you think! Let me show you how you can make the most of it…

A few examples of people I’ve helped:

‘Katherine is wonderfully intuitive in helping you unveil your life’s calling. She uses her coaching and business skills to help you implement a plan that will have you living your calling at whatever pace you might need to go. My handmade business income has nearly doubled since working with Katherine and I highly recommend working with her to help you identify your calling and how to live it out.’’Bernita Burdick, TrestleGlenTreasures

‘I was pursuing jobs that had nothing to do with my calling, but then Katherine helped me find what God called me to and now I’m chasing it at full speed.’Channon Bailey, Making Family Count

‘Katherine helped me navigate my way through a variety of entrepreneurial dreams. Her gifted ability to offer practical and strategic insights has launched me light years beyond where I ever could have imagined.’ – Thomas Wright

‘Katherine encouraged me to continue to dream, asked great questions to help remind me of who I am and what I’m capable of, and pointed me toward resources to help me grow personally and in my career. She is a compassionate encourager who helps others dream and take steps toward those dreams.’ – Mike Henry

‘Before working with Katherine, I was very unfocused and confused, not knowing what to do with my desire to speak or write. She helped me get focused, make the first step in speaking, and now I’m getting a book published and speaking at a women’s conference to a crowd of 300 in a couple of months’. – Dietrich Schaefer, From Grieving to Thriving

During our interactive course you will learn: 

How to get started without needing loads of money in the bank
Creative ways to finance your dream (without going into debt!)
How to make the most of your strengths and what you already have ‘in your hands’
Why you don’t have to keep waiting and what you can do to get started today

Course Details: 

DATE: Thursday, September 7, 2017

TIME: 2:00 – 3:30pm Central Time

WHERE: Online LIVE Webinar

(Don’t worry if you can’t be there live. Everyone registered will get a recording you can watch at anytime.)


Lifetime access to the recording you can watch anytime
60 minutes training PLUS 30 minutes Q&A with an opportunity for ‘hot seat’ coaching to discover how you can get started with YOUR dream
‘Launch Your Dream on a Budget’ Workbook (as a downloadable PDF)
BONUS: ‘Supernatural Provision’ 90 minutes mp3 training
BONUS: ‘Find Your Calling’ course & workbook (reg $77)

If you’re wanting to hang onto your excuses for why you can’t get started, and how money, people or life is stopping you, then honestly this isn’t going to help you. But… if you’re ready to tap into wisdom and creativity and finally start doing that dream you’ve always want to do, then this will be perfect for you!

Isn’t it time you stop just talking about your dream and finally start doing it? I’m ready to get you there, if you’re ready to go.

1 EZ Payment of

$ 47


LIVE Webinar Training on September 7, 2pm CT

50 Seats ONLY!!

Includes: FREE Recording of the Session

‘Launch Your Dream on a Budget’ Workbook (as a downloadable PDF)

BONUS: ‘Supernatural Provision’ mp3 Training

BONUS: ‘Find Your Calling’ course & workbook

LOVE the Course or it’s FREE!

I believe in this course so much, I’m offering a 30-day, money-back guarantee.  Yes, I know… You could attend, take all the bonuses and then decide you want your money back. I’m willing to take that risk. If you don’t think the course is worth it, just email us. We’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked. The bonuses are yours.