The Chewbacca Lady Got Me Thinking About Joy…

By May 26, 2016 March 20th, 2020 Inspire

This might seem like a strange thing for me to be talking about right now.


I've been up since 2:30am, and am mid-flight as I write. I should be exhausted and weary.


I'm not.


Even if I was, though, it wouldn't matter.


I've been thinking lots about joy.



Photo Credit: Leslie B. Juarez, Unsplash


Unless you've been hiding away in a hole somewhere, you've probably heard about the Chewbacca Lady. Her pure delight in a Star Wars mask was authentic, powerful and contagious. I absolutely loved it! And I wasn't the only one. She was enjoying ‘the simple joys in life' (as she called it), and people loved it so much it became the most watched live video ever on Facebook.


I'm not surprised. Joy is powerful. Joy is amazing. The world is longing for more joy.


Here's what I've been thinking about and want to impart to you…


(Quick warning. At first, it might sound trite. You've probably heard it a zillion times. I know it. You know it. But stay with me…)


My joy isn't dependent on how things are going in my life. 


Yes, I know. Hang with me a sec. Here's what I've been thinking about.


HOW do you access that joy?


Sure, it's all great to say my joy doesn't come from anything external, but so what? What do I do with that? What do I do when I don't feel joyful?


The past few months have had a crazy amount of stresses and challenges in our lives. As I said in a previous post, there are days I want to give up. The other day was one of those days. I certainly didn't feel joyful!


But then, here's what I remembered…


My joy isn't something I have to work up. It's not something I have to strive for. My joy comes from this…


My Heavenly Dad is mad, crazy, bonkers in love with me!


He takes joy in me.


He is celebrating me every second of every minute of every hour of every day. For the joy of ME He endured the cross.




I don't have words to say how flippin' amazing that is. Seriously.


The God of the Universe not only notices me and cares about me, He CELEBRATES me. I bring Him Joy!


When I think about that, it doesn't matter if I'm up for a 2:30am flight, if things feel overwhelming sometimes, if I'm feeling so frustrated I want to quit. My Heavenly Dad rejoices in ME and THAT brings me joy!


I pray it brings you joy too.


I pray that joy would become a reality to you in new ways today, even as you're reading this.


I pray that joy – an overflowing Niagara Falls of joy from Heaven- brings breakthrough in your life.


I pray that powerful, life-changing joy brings healing to you body,  mind and spirit.


I pray that joy fills you and overflows into everyone around you and has as much impact as the Chewbacca Lady's joy did.


God delights in me and in you. No matter what's going on in our lives, His joy over us is where we can find our joy…. and it never, ever, ever, ever ends!


I am a CreativeWorldChanger. You are too!


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