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Let’s take you from Dream to Reality 


You’re unique. Shouldn’t the roadmap to your dream be unique too? Let me help you pursue your dream in a way that’s best for YOU. 


Let’s make an action plan on:

 ☑ How to make a living with your passion

 ☑ Finding your purpose and defining what you want to do

 ☑ Knowing what to do next

 ☑ How to run your business in a way that’s best for you, so you can have time for the people and things you love

 ☑ Overcoming those mindset challenges (like imposter syndrome, perfectionism, etc)

 ☑ Making the best use of YOUR strengths in YOUR business 

 ☑ OR whatever else you need help with





‘If you are looking for someone to help you best utilize your strengths, Katherine is the person to talk to. She gave me practical advice on how to capitalize on my strengths and the types of tasks that I am best suited for. I’ve been on group coaching calls where I’ve watched her help others figure out what their calling is and how to move in the direction of their calling. I can’t recommend Katherine enough!’

– Lisa Thompson, Fun Happy Home

‘Wow, where do I start?! Katherine Martin has been an angel in my life. Katherine helped me gain confidence in believing our dreams are not only possible – they are DOable. The way we are wired is not BROKEN. We just have to learn the tools and strategies that will set us up to WIN based on this wiring. She’s equipped us with these tools & strategies that allow us to thrive. Katherine REALLY cares. You can see it. You can feel it. That means a lot. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to do work that they feel called to do, but they aren’t quite sure how to even get started, or continue forward. Thank you, Katherine!’


– Thea Woods,


‘I sat down with Katherine to look at what motivates me, my biggest strengths, the things I spin my wheels on. Almost immediately, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. With just one call, I left knowing exactly what I do best and WHY. Even better: she gave me straightforward steps to get that project I was sitting on finished the next day! If you’re even a little tired of struggling to create, Katherine will have you lit up with confidence and checking things off your list right away.’

– Rachel Scott, Create Powerfully


The two options:

 ☑ One-off session to help solve business or mindset challenges

 ☑ 90-day program where I walk you through my D.R.E.A.M. Roadmap to take you from vision to launch



 ☑ 50-minute coaching session(s) via Zoom video chat 

 ☑ Action steps for moving forward

 ☑ Recording of the session


Let’s do it!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.


Super excited to work with you!


Katherine x

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PS. I offer very few one-on-one coaching consults. If my appointments are all booked or you want a more accessible option, you can join The WorldChangers Community. A mentoring community to help you take the next step on your unique path, make a difference and make a living doing what you love.