Letting go of the good to enjoy the BEST!

By January 17, 2017 September 2nd, 2017 Inspire

Setting yourself up for an AMAZING year… letting go of the good to enjoy the BEST!


Yes, I know it's not spring yet.


For some reason, though, I've been in a real spring cleaning mode! First our kitchen cupboards and now my clothes. I'm craving clearing out anything I don't love!


Part of it, I think, is an anticipation of all the amazing things ahead this year. 


I often find it difficult to get rid of things. What if I need it someday? But I've been making myself go through the process of letting go of the good, so I can make space to enjoy the BEST that God has for me.


This is really just a visual example of what needs to happen in all areas of our lives… mindsets, relationships, our jobs, everything.


Is there any area of your life where you need to let go?


I encourage you to think about this as you watch this video…


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