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May 2022

Continuing our theme of doing something different and making sure the group works for us instead of us working to fit the group. So in light of the seasons we’re in, etc…. For May, we’ll have one community call. And of course the group is always here, if you have questions or want to share challenges and wins anytime during the month. Here’s to an amazing month of moving forward YOUR way!!

Drum roll… here’s the replay for today’s Community call!! There was SOOO much packed in, that I hate to summarize it. But I will say this… we talked about all kinds of things including: What if everything you worked for falls apart? Telling your story. Finding your voice. Dealing with criticism and insecurity. Having confidence in your chosen path and… what would it look like for you to go the next level? Hopefully there’s something in there to encourage and you and support you and you’re moving forward – HOWEVER that looks like for YOU.

PS. This is the book I recommended to Rachel – (amazon aff link). I’d be surprised if it wasn’t also at your local library.

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