Soft reminder: You have permission to dream

By August 15, 2019 Inspire

It’s crazy to me. We’re grown adults. Why do we even need permission to dream?! Why do we need permission to live life the way we want to? Why do we need permission at all?

But we sometimes feel like we do.


I know for me it’s because I don’t always trust myself. I’m looking for outside validation to tell me my crazy ideas aren’t quite so crazy.

But what if I just embraced the crazy?

Seriously, though. It’s the crazy ideas that change the world.

It’s you and me bringing all our weird and wonderful ideas. Bringing our weird and wonderful selves.

And letting ourselves be free.

Free to wonder.

Free to be.

Free to dream.

So it’s crazy I have to do this, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Just in case you need it (I know I do!), I’m going to remind you… You have permission.

You have permission to be fully amazing you.

You have permission to let your ideas run wild. To try to some stuff. To fail. To get back up again.

You have permission to dream.

Cheering for you all the way and sending you so much love,
Katherine x

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