You’re doing waaaay better than you think you are!

By November 2, 2016 September 2nd, 2017 Inspire

Has anyone told you lately how amazing you're doing? No, seriously.


It's been really crazy in the world lately. Loads of anxiety. Election hostility. More tragedies going on than I know how to count. And you're still pressing through. You're still getting up every morning and making a difference. You're still doing your work with excellence.


It's sooo easy to focus on what we think we're doing wrong, on all of our perceived weaknesses.


But I don't think God works like that. He put us together the way He did for a reason. He LIKES how you are. He ENJOYS seeing you thrive in your strengths.


So, I just wanted to remind you, you're doing great. God is proud of you. You're doing waaaay better than you think you are… 🙂



I think you're pretty awesome (and so does God).


Rooting for you all and all God's put inside of you!
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