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When you step outside your comfort zone

So I did something silly today! I walked Smoogie girl wearing this hat!

Because why not?! 😂

Okay, actually, I had reasons…

I’m super aware if you want to change the world, you can’t be worried about what other people think. And… I worry waaaay too much about this. 🙈 So what a better way to deal with it than walk around with a unicorn hat on! 😂

Besides… who couldn’t use a bit of silliness in their day?!?? We can tend to take life waaaay too seriously. (At least I do anyway)

So this was my challenge for today: Do something silly!

The biggest surprise?

As I approached the first person, I was wondering, ‘what are they going to think?’ ‘Will they laugh?’ ‘Will they think I’m strange?’ ‘Will they give me a funny look?’

Their reaction?

They didn’t even notice!!

They were too busy staring at their phone as they passed me. They didn’t even see me! 🤣

I’d heard it before… people aren’t thinking about you. Because they’re too busy thinking about themselves.

I just saw it in action!

And I was wearing a flippin’ unicorn hat too! (Seriously, they hardly even noticed I existed)

So what in the world are you and I worried about? Most people aren’t even noticing anyway! 😜

Oh, and bonus… I didn’t die! 😂 I’m sure that doesn’t come as a big surprise to you. But I walked around the neighborhood for 25 minutes with this silly hat on. And I didn’t die! 😜

Mmmmm… I wonder what else you and I could do?

Love you! 💙

PS. Confession… this didn’t stop me from spending waaaay too long picking out the ‘right’ photo for this post. I’m still a work in progress apparently! 😂 Maybe I need more ‘silly’ days like today. 😜

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