Changing the world can be lonely. You don't have to do it alone.

The WorldChangers is a mentoring community to get support and encouragement as you pursue your dreams in a way that's right for YOU.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Dr. Suess

Dear creatives, changemakers, dreamers, aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone who doesn't fit the typical career paths…

Do you ever feel like no matter where you go, you never quite fit in? And worse, no one seems to ‘get' you?

Yeah? Me too! 

I used to think it was because of my circumstances. I was a year younger than everyone, always the new girl, moving on average every nine months.

The truth is I was always just a bit different than everyone. I dressed different. I thought different. I was always asking and thinking deep questions way beyond my age. I think I was about eight, when I decided I didn’t want to be famous because then I wouldn’t know who my real friends were.

But I also knew I wanted to make a difference. I knew I couldn’t settle for what I was ‘supposed’ to do. Looking back, it’s not surprising my high school graduation speech was called ‘Why Be Normal’.

It made growing up a challenge.

It made figuring out what I wanted to do with my life even harder.

I didn’t fit any of the typical career boxes. And it wasn’t like I could look through the job listings and find ‘world-changer’. This was before entrepreneur was a thing and I knew it was even an option. I remember many nights laying in bed at 2am, wondering what I should do with my life. And deep down knowing what I wanted to do, but doubting I could do it.

I wish I’d had someone who could come alongside me and show me what to do.

Someone who wouldn’t think me or my ideas were crazy. Who wouldn’t say, ‘that’s a great hobby but you can’t make a living at that’. Or worse, would say they believed in me, but then try to fit me into the box they wanted me in. (I’ve had plenty of those ‘mentors’ over the years!) But someone who understood my unique strengths and what my passions were and helped me find my path and pursue my dreams in a way that best fit me.

It’s why I started coaching and mentoring.

I honestly did it for years without even knowing that’s what I was doing. I couldn’t bear to see all these creatives and rebels and quirky people like me, not pursuing their real dreams. I wanted to see them make a difference doing what they love AND be able to pay the bills while doing it.

But over the years I started craving something more than mentoring people.

I wanted a community of people who could mutually encourage one another. It’s hard when most people around you don’t get you or what you want to do. I wanted to create a place where people wouldn’t think you’re crazy for going after your dream. If anything, they’d encourage you to dream bigger.

That’s why I created The WorldChangers community.

To create a safe space for all of you amazing, weird and wonderful people like me, to pursue your dreams YOUR way.

A place where you can get the support you need.
Knowing your unique strengths and how to use them in your life and business.
⭐ Clarity and focus about which direction to take. So you don’t have to always wonder if you’re doing the right thing.
⭐ How you can make a difference AND get paid doing what you love.
⭐ A space to help you ‘hold your own’ no matter what life is throwing at you and show you how to do things YOUR way.
⭐ mentor who will come alongside you, without trying to make you fit into their box of what they think you should do. One who will help you know how you're wired, what works best for you and what is important to YOU.
⭐ Support and encouragement from a community of people who don’t think you’re crazy for going after your dream… a community who are cheering for you and believe in you even when you struggle to believe in yourself.
If this sounds like you, here's what we're doing…

Introducing The WorldChangers Community…

Hey there, I'm Katherine, founder of The WorldChangers

Look, I'm not one of those coaches who claims to have made millions and promises to show you how to do the same. If that's what you're looking for, you probably want to find someone else. 🙂

But… I've accomplished a crazy amount of world-changing things. Everything from: Founding a non-profit. Freelance writing while living overseas. Community development work in Northern Ireland. Pioneering out-of-the-box theatre events. Speaking on four continents, teaching everywhere from a hut in rural Uganda to large stages to small community groups.

I want to use everything I've learned to help you.

I believe your dream can change the world.

I know this is true… because I've helped launch many people in their dreams and seen them start coaching, speaking and other unconventional careers. I've worked with six and seven-figure business owners and helped them discover their unique strengths and how to apply it to their business and life. 

I'm passionate about seeing you succeed in whatever world-changing thing you want to do in the world. I want to be, for you, what I wish I had years ago. 

That's why I want to use my skills from 20+ years as a coach and my passion to see people pursue their world-changing dreams, to create a space to help you make YOUR dream happen. 


A new kind of community.

It can be lonely changing the world. It can be challenging having unconventional dreams. People don’t always get what you’re doing. Half the time, you don’t even get what you’re doing! That's why we've created this community…


A safe space for people who don’t fit the box to go after their world-changing dream.

A place where you can get more than encouragement. You can get practical help and tools. A place where you don’t have to do it alone.

What this looks like:

Action Steps

We're not just going to share some vague abstract concepts and send you on your merry way. You'll get new assignments each month with clear direction, so you know exactly what to do and how to take your next step.

Mentoring & Masterclasses

You will get more than just course modules. We'll be doing Business coaching and in-depth mastermind training each month tailored to who's in the group. We'll look at topics like:
-Knowing your unique strengths AND how to make the most of them
-The best way for you to stay motivated & energized
-How to grow your audience & marketing made simple
-How to confidently choose what to do and know the next step to take
-The one question you need to answer to get paid for doing what you love

Group Coaching Calls

You'll get the opportunity to ask me your in-depth questions on live calls. There will be plenty of ‘hot seat' time so you can get more personalized coaching. We'll look at how YOU are specifically wired. How do you work best? So you can know your strengths and use them to your advantage.

Exclusive Access

A growing online learning library with training you can watch anytime of the day or night. Includes the mastermind training personalized to the group and recordings of the group coaching calls, so you don't miss out on anything. You will have access to these as long as you stay a member of the group.

Private Community

Unlike an online course where you watch some training and then are left to figure things out on your own, we'll have a members only Facebook group to work together on your dream. A place where you can get exclusive access to me and also share your challenges and celebrations in a safe, encouraging space and get the help you need from each other.

If you’re the kind of person who needs some proof, here are a few people I've helped:

‘Before working with Katherine, I was very unfocused and confused, not knowing what to do with my desire to speak or write. She helped me get focused, make the first step in speaking, and now I'm getting a book published and speaking at a women's conference to a crowd of 300 in a couple of months'. – Dietrich Schaefer, From Grieving to Thriving

‘Wow, where do I start?!'

Katherine Martin has been an angel in my life. As a proud member of the Wonderfully Weird Ones Collective (OK, it doesn’t exist, I just made that up!🤣), I’ve spent waaaaaay more time in my life feeling like I just didn’t fit anywhere… or that I was “broken” or “something is wrong with me”…😔

I knew that I had a huge purpose and calling to serve others. I was good at helping others break through their limitations, pushing them into new heights and levels of success…

Yet, like many others, it’s been a challenge to do that for myself. 

(Poster child for “the cobbler’s kid with no shoes, syndrome” over here!)😩

Insert Katherine Martin – and the CreativeWorldChangers community!🤗🤓

Katherine helped me (and many others) gain confidence in believing that what we want to do matters. And we matter. Our dreams are not only possible – they are DOable.

The way we are wired is not BROKEN; it’s just special. We just have to learn the tools and strategies that will set us up to WIN based on this wiring.

She’s equipped us with these tools and strategies that allow us to thrive, while also creating the best conditions needed to succeed.

Aaaaand, she’s created a non-judgemental community that cheers each person along the journey!☺️

Katherine REALLY cares. You can see it. You can feel it. That means a lot.

I’m grateful for meeting her, working with her, and connecting with her. 

I fully support and endorse her, her community (CreativeWorldChangers) and highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to do work that they feel called to do, but they aren’t quite sure how to even get started, or continue forward.

Thank you, Katherine!🤗❤️

Thea Woods,

‘I was pursuing jobs that had nothing to do with my calling, but then Katherine helped me find what I'm called to and now I’m chasing it at full speed.’ – Channon Bailey, Making Family Count

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, may not apply to the average customer and are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn money.